Plants for your future: We endeavor to add the right plant for the right spot for every garden space. Water saving has never been more important; however, there is no need to sacrifice beauty.

Water features: Nothing says tranquility like the sound of the gentle splash of water. From a stationary fountain to a stream bed with waterfalls we create the places for you to enjoy the soothing effects of your personal oasis.

Hardscape: Patios, driveways, retaining walls, decks, arbors, gazebos, walkways, fences, outdoor fireplaces and cooking areas are built with a myriad of materials all selected to enhance the clients specific landscape design.

Landscape lighting: From the dramatic to the sublime, lighting accents your home and garden to create a mood that pleases the senses and allows you to enjoy your garden year round.

Irrigation: We use the most modern irrigation techniques that save the client money while providing sufficient water to each plant.

Herbal healing gardens: Working in close association with well known herbalists we design and install gardens with healing properties that encourage the client’s hands-on participation in their health maintenance.

Vegetable gardens: With our superior weather and long growing season we encourage the use of a wide variety of vegetables and herbs for the client’s table.

Maintenance: Our bi-lingual crews take pride in maintaining your garden with a natural non-toxic approach that is safe for children and pets.